Videotipy pre SME Instrument (Video)

Ak pripravujete SME Instrument, môže byť pre vás zaujímavé rady a tipy, ktoré pripravilo European Young Innovators Forum. Nižšie nájdete 18 krátkych videí. Každé video má približne jednu minútu.

Zoznam videí:

1. What are the main differences between SME Instrument and former EU innovation fundings?
2. What are the key benefits that an SME or a startup can get out of SME Instrument?
3. What are the eligibility criteria for SME Instrument?
4. Who should apply to which phase of the SME Instrument?
5. How does an SME Instrument proposal look like?
6. What do SME Instrument evaluators look for in the proposal?
7. What should be StartUp’s position in the market to apply for Phase 2 of the SME Instrument?
8. What is TRL and what does it mean in the context of SME Instrument?
9. Do you need to already have a customer base before applying for the SME Instrument?
10. Are companies incorporated in EU and US eligible for SME Instrument?
11. How do a StartUp or SME know if it s ready for the SME Instrument?
12. What is the most common question you receive for SME Instrument?
13. What’s the balance so far in terms of countries funded by SME Instrument?
14. What are the differences between private funding and SME Instrument?
15. Is the business plan the same for SME Instrument as for private funding? Please elaborate.
16. How long is the application process for the SME Instrument?
17. What has been the success rate for the SME Instrument?
18. How can EU Startup Services help a startup with SME Instrument?
Zdroj: European Young Innovators Forum