Výzva pre modelovanie a simulácie pre strojárske a výrobné firmy

Projekt FORTISSIMO 2 spúšťa výzvu na podávanie návrhov pre projekty zamerané na “modelling and simulation of coupled physical processes and high-performance data analytics (HPDA) and in all cases targeting benefits for engineering and manufacturing SMEs and Mid-caps”. Uzávierka je 7.12.2016.

Základné údaje k výzve:

  • Submission Deadline: 7th December 2016, at 17:00 Brussels local time.
  • Expected duration of participation: 1st May 2017 to 31st October 2018.
  • Funding for Call-2: The indicative total funding budget is € 3 M of which the indicative funding budget for Third Parties is € 2.25 M.
  • Maximum funding request per proposal: € 175,000 (covering all participants, i.e. both Third Parties and existing Fortissimo 2 beneficiaries).

Funding constraints: The maximum funding that can be allocated to any Third Party, across all experiments in which that Third Party is involved, is € 150 K. The participation of existing Fortissimo 2 beneficiaries across all selected experiments may not exceed 25% of the total funding assigned.

Kompletné znenie výzvy.