Nové ponuky do projektov a technologické požiadavky hľadajú partnerov (Máj 2018)

K začiatku mája 2018 som pre vás pripravil výber nových a aktuálnych:

  • 15 ponúk do projektov programu Horizont 2020, resp. ďalších programov, kde sa pripravujú konzorciá a stále sa hľadajú partneri,
  • 63 technologických požiadaviek, kde sa hľadajú dodávateľa riešení alebo služby, ktoré by mali byť realizované vo forme priamej komerčnej dodávky.

Ponuky sú pripravené koordinátormi jednotlivých projektov a publikované za ostatný mesiac v rámci siete Enterprise Europe Network.

V tabuľke nižšie nájdete projekty, ktoré hľadajú partnerov do konzorcií rôznych európskych programov, resp. aktuálne technologické požiadavky, s uvedením krajiny a zverejnenia.

Ak máte záujem, reagujte čo najskôr, keďže uvedené ponuky sú umiestnené na verejnom portáli. Celý proces je bezplatný a je financovaný Európskou komisiou.


  1. Kliknite na odkaz uvedený v tabuľke nižšie a budete presmerovaní na podrobnejšie informácie o ponuke
  2. V prípade záujmu o účasť v projekte kliknite na odkaz “Request More Information”
  3. Vyplňte v angličtine 3 štandardizované otázky: (1) What kind of cooperation are you looking for; (2) Which information is missing or unclear, (3) Some facts about your company
  4. Uveďte svoje kontaktné údaje. Dôležité: Pri výbere mesta si vyberte Bratislava a partnera “SK00065 BIC BRATISLAVA”, aby sme Vám mohli čo najskôr aj osobne pomôcť
  5. Potvrďte “privacy policy statement” a odošlite formulár.
  6. Následne systém Vašu ponuku spracuje a informuje nás (BIC Bratislava) ako aj kolegov v zahraničí, ktorí profil pripravili.


Upozornenie: Projekty, ktoré už našli partnerov, alebo ktorým vypršala platnosť môžu byť nedostupné.

Zoznam projektov, kde sa pripravujú konzorciá a stále sa hľadajú partneri:

Title of Profile Country Publish Date
H2020 M-ERA NET call 2018 – Innovative technology for production of high-strength composite roadside barriers – partners… Latvia 27.04.2018
H2020 / MSCA / Individual Fellowships: researcher (MD or PHD) in biomedicine / biotechnology with technical skills for… Germany 05.04.2018
H2020-LC-SC3-EE-9-2018-2019: coordinator and a bank sought for joining a proposal on evaluation tool for financing of… Bulgaria 03.04.2018
SME-Instrument phase I – An Italian biotech company is looking for a biogas plant builder from Germany, Austria or… Italy 03.04.2018
Eurostars2: A Korean company is looking for R&D partners to develop Internet of Things (IoT) and sensor networked smart… South Korea 26.03.2018
EUREKA – Korean partner sought to develop an eco-planner for energy-production efficiency in manufacturing industry 4.0 Spain 21.03.2018
H2020 CE-SFS-24-2019 – Innovative and attractive French urban agglomeration is searching partners notably interested in… France 20.03.2018
Eurostars2: partners sought (companies or research institutes) for development of Parkinson disease diagnosis device South Korea 22.02.2018
RFCS 2018 – Advanced solid state hydrogen sensor Italy 22.02.2018
H2020-SC3-RES-1-2019 : Companies with expertise in photovoltaics fabrication, power device, sensors are sought  France 21.02.2018
[EUROSTARS2] A Korean company specializing in compound semiconductor substrates and templates is seeking a partner to… South Korea 11.01.2018
[EUREKA] A Korean company is seeking R&D partners for developing sensor-embedded seat for automobile South Korea 05.01.2018
[EUROSTARS2] Looking for partners for developing integrated analysis platform utilizing cloud-based block chain for… South Korea 18.12.2017
[EUROSTARS2] A Korean company specializing in compound semiconductor substrates and templates is seeking a partner to… South Korea 11.12.2017
LC-GV-04-2019: A French SME looking for trucks and passenger cars manufacturers to develop a combustion engine based on… France 11.10.2017


Technologické profily, kde sa hľadajú dodávateľa riešení alebo služby, ktoré by mali byť realizované vo forme priamej komerčnej dodávky:

Title of Profile Country Publish Date
Applications for connecting with the internet of things. Netherlands 26.04.2018
Multi-spectral technical textile is required for camouflage netting application  United Kingdom 24.04.2018
Technology sought for cable weight reduction onboard ships United Kingdom 23.04.2018
UK-based SME requests technical expertise to explore the synergy found in its antibody drug conjugate technology under… United Kingdom 23.04.2018
Leading Dutch insurance provider is looking for innovative SME’s who have solutions to proactively lower the risk that… Netherlands 19.04.2018
A Lithuanian SME seeking to purchase printing technology for large format printing Lithuania 19.04.2018
Looking for new cost-effective and scalable sorting processes which are able to sort a mix of plastics into separate… Netherlands 19.04.2018
Leading Dutch industrial services company is looking for innovative partners with decentralized energy solutions Netherlands 19.04.2018
A Dutch insurance company is looking for a smart system, a combination of technologies and methods, in order to prevent… Netherlands 18.04.2018
Dutch public passenger transport company is looking for innovative solutions to improve capacity usage of assets Netherlands 17.04.2018
Dutch postal company is interested in additional products or services that can be added during their mail route Netherlands 13.04.2018
Liquid silicone rubber membrane for medical drinking aid Germany 11.04.2018
Italian start-up has developed a new type of concept store and is looking for innovative digital technologies to upgrade… Italy 10.04.2018
A UK based start-up is seeking a technology partner to develop further the machine learning algorithms of its product. United Kingdom 10.04.2018
UK-based SME seeks novel, early stage molecules with activity against fibrosis United Kingdom 05.04.2018
An Italian company is searching technical know-how in the field of power electronics and battery systems  Italy 03.04.2018
A Scottish (UK) Biomaterials SME seeks European partners for product validation and future collaborations United Kingdom 26.03.2018
Hydro turbine production partner sought by Norwegian company Norway 26.03.2018
Urgent partners are sought for an energetic utilization of natural fibre composites Germany 26.03.2018
London-based space technology company is seeking expertise in spacecraft control and propulsion systems designs  United Kingdom 26.03.2018
Natural and synthetic product libraries sought for comprehensive high throughput screening in international chemistry… Germany 26.03.2018
Implants or injection products related to structural proteins and biopolymers found in skin and soft tissues available… France 22.03.2018
Ultra-durable, hydrogen compressor bearings, seals, and coatings, components and technologies sought by a UK research… United Kingdom 21.03.2018
A Spanish research and development center seeks a thermal spray equipment. Spain 19.03.2018
Looking for the ability to precisely manufacture very long bore tubes. Switzerland 16.03.2018
Innovation call for startups in well-being at work and facility management in particular automated parking Luxembourg 15.03.2018
An Italian start-up is looking for a technology partner to complete its financial platform Italy 14.03.2018
Spanish research center is seeking for an European university with experience on urban energy planning for knowledge… Spain 07.03.2018
French company is looking for semi-automatic cold press machine to make fresh juice faster France 06.03.2018
Low Cost SOx and NOx elimination from Ship Exhaust United Kingdom 05.03.2018
Pre-Commercial Procurement (PCP) H2020 project is looking for Earth Observation (EO) technologies applicable to the… Greece 02.03.2018
Off-grid solar charging system with stand-alone payment process United Kingdom 02.03.2018
Looking for disposable electroencephalography (EEG) electrode patch expertise Netherlands 01.03.2018
French industrial group specialised in flowmeters is looking for a subcontractor in Europe able to assemble by welding… France 01.03.2018
A Greek company is looking for a company from abroad to supply or co-develop an electronic sensor for waste bin… Greece 26.02.2018
Looking for medical hydrogel (conductive and adhesive) expertise. Netherlands 26.02.2018
Light engine for aircraft sector France 26.02.2018
Romanian association looks for technology for potato starch production through commercial agreement with technical… Romania 22.02.2018
Dutch Start up is looking for a partner who has the technical knowledge in recycling processes to transform High Density… Netherlands 22.02.2018
Global technology development organisation with UK base requests novel products and technologies in anatomical pathology… United Kingdom 20.02.2018
UK company looking for baby video monitors made in Europe United Kingdom 08.02.2018
A Korean company interested in developing portable 3D digital x-ray machine is looking for medical equipment designing… South Korea 05.02.2018
Technical expertise sought for developing algoritms aimed at assessing the integrity of industrial plants. Italy 05.02.2018
French company seeking development of assembly techniques for wood materials under technical agreement France 02.02.2018
A Korean company is looking for a solenoid (coil-wound) brake which makes less noise and decelerator with less clearance… South Korea 01.02.2018
Seeking partners to cooperate on convergence of optical sensor technology into the fluorescent materials industry South Korea 22.01.2018
Looking for new materials or technologies in the nano- and micrometer scale to improve products. Netherlands 21.01.2018
Dutch multinational is looking for innovative technologies for turning liquids into free-flowing powders in a more… Netherlands 21.01.2018
R&D partners sought on the development of textile goods applicable to medial area South Korea 18.04.2017
New software tools and products sought for database developers and administrators United Kingdom 04.04.2017
Albanian manufacture of gold jewelries seeks technology line for gold and silver processing. Albania 31.03.2017
Therapeutically relevant proteins with no known ligands or poor ligands United Kingdom 29.03.2017
Seeking industrial partner for designing, developing and producing a prototype of a twin-engine helicopter and its… Italy 23.03.2017
Looking for a technology investment support in agriculture with joint venture Macedonia, The former Yugoslav Republic of 01.03.2017
Biocompatibility testing of biodegradable therapeutic protein patches with human stem cells for healing of chronic… Slovenia 30.01.2017
Romanian company from agriculture sector is looking for a new technology to extract fibers from hemp  Romania 16.01.2017
Romanian company with main activity of selling coffee in vending system is looking for a technology to recycle the… Romania 30.12.2016
Manufacturer of optical fibres  Sweden 16.12.2016
UK-based pharmaceutical SME seeks novel early stage molecules in the immuno-oncology space United Kingdom 02.11.2016
Manufactures of milk filling machines are sought in order to conclude a commercial agreement with technical assistent… Albania 31.10.2016
A Turkish manufacturer is looking for new technologies in hemodialysis applicaiton filters. Turkey 14.10.2016
Leading UK provider of research chemistry services and research compounds seeks novel methodology and compounds  United Kingdom 19.09.2016
Device for monitoring person’s movement and 3D position Slovenia 13.07.2016

Upozornenie: Informácia bude preposlaná zadávateľovi (koordinátorovi) prostredníctvom príslušného zastúpenia siete Enterprise Europe Network. Rýchlosť a kvalita odpovede (teda reakcia na Váš záujem o účasť v projekte alebo ponuka na predmetnú požiadavku) je už priamo na oslovenom koordinátorovi/zadávateľovi požiadavky.

Ak ste nenašli svoju oblasť vyššie, skúste navštíviť tematické stránky s ponukami na partnerstvá v rôznych oblastiach programu Horizont 2020.