Prehľad úspešných firiem, ktoré získali kombinované financovanie EIC Accelerator

EIC Accelerator zafinancoval doposiaľ 56 európskych firiem v rámci tzv. kombinovaného financovania grantu a kapitálovej investície (blended finance). V tomto článku prinášam ich kompletný zoznam a odkazy na ich stránky.


EIC Accelerator Pilot (bývalý SME Instrument) je zameraný na mimoriadne inovačné MSP, ktoré majú ambíciu rozvíjať vlastný rastový potenciál. Ponúka granty na hlavnú fázu inovačného projektu (predvádzanie, tvorba prototypov, skúšanie, rozvoj použiteľnosti až do 2,5 milióna) a investície vstupom do základného kapitálu na globálny predaj (až do 15 miliónov eur). Viac informácií o schéme

Informácie sú uvedené v poradí: Názov spoločnosti s odkazom na ich domovskú stránku, krajina, akronym projektu, názov/popis projektu:

  • ABBELIGHT, France, HT-SAFe, Cutting-edge High Throughput Nanoscopy: the future of imaging
  • Ability Pharma, Spain, PanC-ASAP, ABTL0812 is a first-in-class fully differentiated oral targeted anticancer compound that produces autophagy-mediated cytotoxicity selectively in cancer cells.
  • ABORA ENERGY, S.L., Spain, SHE, The most profitable Solar collector on the market to supply Heat and Electricity
  • Aledia, France, SPEED, µLED (micro light-emitting diode) display technology based on a unique 3D architecture using gallium-nitride (GaN)-on-silicon nanowires (WireLED™)
  • ALTERNATIVE ENERGY INNOVATIONS SL, Spain, INDUEYE 2.0, The green revolution for the Industry 4.0.
  • ANTOFENOL, France, ANTOFERINE, A natural solution for post-harvest protection of fruits and vegetables
  • BRAINQ TECHNOLOGIES LTD, Israel, BQ System, An AI-based IoT medical device revolutionizing motor recovery following neurological disorders, inspiring hope and helping patients and their families regain their independence.
  • BREVEL, Israel, BREVEL, Industrial scale-up of a novel and disruptive microalgae photobioreactor
  • BRUCELLA GREEN VAC SL, Spain, BGV1, New vaccine for a paradigm shift in Brucellosis, one of the world’s most widespread zoonotic diseases affecting humans
  • CAPRI MEDICAL LIMITED, Ireland, CAPRI, Treating the Chronic Pain Patient earlier in the Pathway
  • CINFO, Spain, TiiVii, We developed TiiVii, a fully-automated, professional TV production platform, to help any sports club, league or federation to create their own scalable TV channels with live and ondemand content.
  • COLZYX AB, Sweden, WOUNDCOM, The first bioactive wound dressing – exploiting the unique wound healing and antimicrobial properties of human collagen VI
  • CorWave SA, France, Calypso, Breakthrough cardiac assist pump (LVAD), which relies on a unique and patented technology to overcome the major limitations of current devices, severe adverse events and patient activity restriction.
  • CRIATERRA INNOVATIONS LTD, Israel, RE-CREATE, Eco-innovative building products for sustainable construction in a circular economy
  • Demeta, France, i-CARE, Disruptive high-performance polymers
  • DIAPATH SPA, Italy, Origin, Development of a Compact, Time-Efficient and Safe Medical Diagnostics Machine
  • EBAMED SA, Switzerland, Cardio-kit, EBAMed developed Cardio-kit, a non-invasive medical device for heart arrhythmia treatment using proton therapy. Cardio-kit is a plug & play system that can be integrated into any existing proton therapy machine. Cardio-kit enables monitoring of heart movements in real-time, and automatically adjust the Stop/Go signal to the proton therapy machine based on the cardiac cycle in which to intervene.
  • EPI-ENDO PHARMACEUTICALS EHF, Iceland, BRONCHOTHELIN, The first-in-class disease-modifying drug for chronic airway disorders
  • FEOPS NV, Belgium, HEARTguide, Disruptive personalized pre-operative planning tool for transcatheter procedures
  • GEOWOX LIMITED, Ireland, Geowox, A platform supercharging residential property valuations.
  • Gleechi AB, Sweden, VirtualGrasp, Gleechi was founded in 2014 by Dan Song (a PhD in biomedical engineering), Kai Hübner (a PhD in computer science & robotics) & Jakob Johansson (a successful serial entrepreneur), building up on 8+ years of advanced research at Swedish Royal  Institute of Technology (KTH) in enabling robots to use their manipulators more efficiently.
  • Handiscover Sweden AB, Sweden, Handiscover, We developed Handiscover, the world’s first inclusive booking system that helps people with a disability to identify accessible accommodation that suits their specific needs and allows them to travel worry-free.
  • HYPERMEMO OY, Finland, GLAZER, GLAZER is a breakthrough solution for high-volume industrial glass processing. It is based on a patented one-of-a-kind CO2 nanosecond-pulsed laser, which was invented, developed and manufactured by Hypermemo specifically for industrial glass processing.
  • Chrysalix Technologies Estonia OÜ, Estonia, Bioflex, Second life of wood: BioFlex technology to dissolve waste wood to get raw materials
  • Indoor Robotics Ltd, Israel, TANDO, We have developed Tando, a game-changing holistic solution to perform active monitoring of the premises. The core of the system is a patented highly crafted drone that docks on the ceiling and utilizes advanced sensors to perform routine surveillance (patrolling) and space monitoring.
  • Invoier AB, Sweden, IRP, European companies will be more competitive by Invoice Risk Prediction and a Truly Transparent and Fair Global Factoring Spot Market.
  • IRUBIS GMBH, Germany, SUPAIR Spectroscopy, At IRUBIS GmbH (spin-off of the Technical University of Munich), we have developed SUPAIR, a novel and robust ATR-MIR Sensor System aiming to make online and single-use monitoring of bioreactors by mid-infrared spectroscopy to become standard in the manufacturing of medical drugs.
  • K LENS GMBH, Germany, K-IND, A small, video-capable, compatible with existing technology, robust even in complex lighting conditions and precise. The hardware is a new optical component (the K|Lens) which can be used with any standard camera and any main lens turning the system automatically into a 3D system. The software is based on latest research results in the areas of computer vision and machine learning.
  • KAROS, France, UNITE, Karos was founded in 2014 to leverage collaborative consumption and artificial intelligence in order to revolutionize suburban areas commuting services and offer a disruptive transportation service to commuters. Karos innovativeness finds its sources in the consumption for public services and a mix of social, professional and public networks. advantages from both carpooling and public transportation: collaborative
  • KEYOU GmbH, Germany, H2Engine, We want to make the combustion engine environmentally friendly and bring the KEYOUinside- technology (TRL6) to the market. KEYOU-inside- are components that can be integrated into new or existing combustion engines and enables the engine to run on hydrogen.
  • LEUNAMME, Spain, KoalaLifter, LEUNAMME has developed the KoalaLifter System, a disruptive lifting device that uses the Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) tower as a support, having an autonomous self-climbing capability.
  • LiquidWeb SRL, Italy, BrainControl, The first mental joystick based on Artificial Intelligence for Multi-Modal Human Machine Interaction
  • Magnitude Space B.V., Netherlands, Hiberband, The low-power global area network enabling affordable and ubiquitous connectivity for the Internet of Things
  • Minuendo AS, Norway, MINUENDO INDUSTRY, Hearing protection device with situational awareness and alerts for the Industrial sector
  • MYBIOTICS PHARMA LTD, Israel, MBSelect, A novel technology enabling efficient delivery of personalized probiotics  to prevent gut-related diseases and recover damaged gut microbiota
  • NanoVation-GS, Israel, SenseGuard, A breakthrough respiratory monitoring device incorporating novel nanotechnology-based sensors
  • Nestwave, France, Nestwave, Nestwave brings a radically novel solution optimized for IoT geolocation. Based on 11 patents issued and pending, the Nestwave solution improves accuracy in urban canyon environments, increases indoor coverage, and reduces power consumption and costs as compared to existing solutions (2.5x accuracy and 1/10 of the power consumption at 1/3 of the cost of GNSS solutions).
  • NIL TECHNOLOGY APS, Denmark, SUPERvisionary, New Diffractive Optical Element Lenses and related industrial services
  • NIMESIS, France, MiniLLock, Mini Launch Lock devices for small satellites (MiniLLock) proposes innovative actuators on the cutting edge of customer demand. They offer plug and play solutions that can directly be integrated into industry for satellites robotized production. MiniLLock is smaller, lighter, safer, with a longer lifetime and generates significantly less shocks and vibrations than standard actuators such as electromagnet and pyrotechnics. MiniLLock offers performances which have never been reached with any other materials.
  • NOVOLYZE, France, Novo, FoodSafetyGuardian: Using digital solutions to lower the risk of foodborne illnesses
  • OPHIOMICS – INVESTIGACAO E DESENVOLVIMENTO EM BIOTECNOLOGIA LDA, Portugal, HepatoPredict, HepatoPredict, A decision tool for Liver Transplantation based on molecular signature
  • ORBITAL ADVERTISING SL, Spain, OA, AI & NLP applied to semantic targeting in Search Engine Marketing
  • PICTERUS AS, Norway, Picterus, Smartphone-based monitoring of jaundice in newborns
  • Plasmacure, Netherlands, PLASOMA, Our mission statement is: We envision a world where people no longer suffer from chronic wounds. In Europe, > 3 million people suffer from this condition.
  • Positrigo AG, Switzerland, NeuroLF, Dementia affects around 50 M people globally (mainly over 65 years old) and has high associated costs (~ $1 trillion per year). 60%-80% cases correspond to Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), which is expected to continue increasing exponentially in the next decades.  Positrigo is a Swiss start-up, aiming to develop NeuroLF brain scanner, which is 10x cheaper (reduced device, personnel and radiotracers costs) and up to 5x smaller than traditional scanners.
  • Rockfield Medical Devices Ltd, Ireland, MobilityPlus, Mobility+ is the future of the enteral feeding healthcare. It is a solution that alleviates the burden on healthcare and addresses specific feeding needs of patients with Complex Chronic Conditions (CCCs).
  • S-Biomedic N.V., Belgium, SkinMicrobiome, Paradigm Change in Skin Health: Novel Microbiome-based Cosmetics for Acne and Other Skin Conditions
  • SENSIBEL AS, Norway, OptiMEMS2, SensiBel is a Norwegian deep-tech start-up specialized in optical MEMS microphone technology. The company spun off from SINTEF, Norway’s largest independent research organization in 2016.
  • Smart4Diagnostics GmbH, Germany, S4DX, The world’s first “digital data-fingerprint” for human blood samples.
  • SMARTEX, Unipessoal Lda, Portugal, SMARTEX, Detection of defective textile production
  • TESSARES SA, Belgium, MPA, Mobile Application for Hybrid Internet
  • TiHive, France, TULIPZ, The world’s first Terahertz application for Inspection-As-A-Service: Ensure quality and reduce waste in industrial production through inline inspection
  • TRISOL MEDICAL LTD, Israel, Trisol System, A safe and effective replacement valve for treating severe Tricuspid Regurgitation and preventing Right Ventricle dysfunction
  • WIMAO OY, Finland, REMAT, Unique patented technology for recycling mixed plastic waste and other hard-to-recycle waste streams to REMATerialize them to valuable products
  • XSUN, France, SX1.3, Earth Observation by Autonomous Solar UAV
  • ZUMA, Spain, SEGSEQ, The disruptive technological proposal of SEGSEQ introduces several characteristics that cannot be found currently in any product of a market very much monopolized by 2 companies (Shimano and Sram).

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